Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

No Shave FUE (50 Grafts)

Not every patient we see is looking for a large graft session to tackle advanced hair loss. In fact, not every patient we see is necessarily experiencing hair loss. We see many patients who are looking for smaller scale cosmetic transplants to boost fullness in a particular area of their scalp or to make a minor change to their existing hairline.

This is a small FUE surgery in which 50 small, single hair grafts were used to fix a small defect in the patient’s hairline in November 2018 in a male, age 33. The extractions were done by the “no-shave” FUE method. This means that we shaved neither the donor area nor the transplant area.

The after photo below is the results 3 years later – and still looking GREAT! 

No-Shave FUE - 50 Grafts - Before Surgery
No-Shave FUE - 50 Grafts - 3 years Post-Op