Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 2409 Graft FUE

This is a 31-year-old male patient who had been experiencing male pattern androgenetic hair loss for about 3 years. He was particularly concerned about the recessions in his hairline that had developed into thinning “alleys” running the length of his frontal scalp into the mid-scalp and beyond. He was so bothered by them that he wore his hair long on top to try to cover these thinning areas. He was seeking restoration of his hairline and these alleys.
At the time of his consultation, he was not using any therapies to slow or stop his hair loss. He had developed fairly advanced hair loss in such a short time and so he was started on finasteride to slow or stop this.
He had a 2409-graft FUE surgery dedicated to restoring his frontal scalp. He returned 20 months later with a great result! The thinning alleys have disappeared. His hairline looks more complete and the hair in his frontal scalp looks much more even. He now feels confident to wear his hair short again! He’s continued his finasteride which he’s been using without any side effects and plans to continue with it.