Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 1500 Graft FUE

This is a 39-year-old male who came to us with a history of hair loss spanning more than 10 years, starting in his late 20s. At the time of his consultation, he was not on any medications or taking any steps to slow or stop his hair loss. There was a strong family history of hair loss in his father and maternal grandfather.
What bothered him most was the thinning in the frontal scalp as well as the appearance of a very deep widow’s peak on both sides of the hairline. You can see in the frontal view that, with the extent of thinning, you can see almost as far back as the mid-scalp. He was seeking a more youthful hairline with added density in the frontal scalp.
This was his first surgery. He had a 1500 graft FUE to rebuild the hairline and add density behind it in the frontal scalp. Being close to 40 years old he wanted the resulting shape and density to appear as natural as possible. We used an irregularly irregular scalloped design to mimic the natural appearance of a hairline, focussing on density in the nearly empty areas just behind the hairline. Additional density was placed behind that.
At the same time, he was started on a preventive regimen of high-strength minoxidil and the BIOLIGHT laser cap to prevent any more ongoing hair loss.
He returned to us 11 months after his surgery with amazing results and he’s very happy! The widow’s peak has been softened and we’ve been able to maintain natural, masculine corners in the fronto-temporal angles (where the front hairline meets the side hairline). There is enough density in the frontal scalp that you can’t see through it to the mid-scalp behind anymore. The donor area looks amazing and you can’t tell that any grafts have been extracted from that area. In fact, nobody who just met him would be able to tell that he’s had any hair transplant surgery at all!
The supplementary therapies (minoxidil and laser cap) have worked really well so far to help him keep the hair he still has, and there’s been no progression of his hair loss in other areas. We discussed a long-term maintenance strategy and he’s going to continue with his high-strength minoxidil and BIOLIHT laser cap indefinitely. If he ever decides to seek just a little added density in the crown, we discussed the possibility of starting platelet-rich plasma (PRP).