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Before and After – 1316 Graft FUE

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This is a 31-year-old male patient with a 10-year history of hair loss manifested as slowly enlarging recessions in the hairline. The left side was thinning at a faster rate than the right. 
We’d previously talked in consultation about 4 months prior to his surgery and at that time he wasn’t taking any steps to preserve his existing hair. Following our conversation, he started using the BIOLIGHT low-level laser therapy cap and had been using this for about 4 months prior to his surgery.
We performed a 1316 graft FUE surgery with the main goal of restoring the hairline and filling in the recessions. We also added a little density behind his existing hairline to give the cosmetic effect of a fuller hairline overall. You can see from the operative drawing that we used an irregularly irregular pattern in the hairline to mimic a natural hairline while maintaining natural, masculine, sharp frontotemporal angles. 
Following his surgery, we started him on once-daily high-strength minoxidil to further optimize his existing hair and encourage the growth of his transplant follicles.
He returned to us 15 months after his surgery with an amazing result! He’s really happy. He commented that his hairline looks so natural that people have noted how great he looks without being able to figure out why. He can now confidently wear his hair in any way he likes and he hasn’t lost any more hair since starting his laser cap and minoxidil. He’s so happy that he’s opted not to make any changes and he’s continuing with both of them.