Hairstyles For Hair Loss

If you’re considering a hair transplant but just aren’t sure yet, here’s a few great hairstyle’s you can try to achieve with a little help from your barber.


5 Hairstyle’s That Double as Hair Loss Solutions

It’s no secret that men feel self-conscious when they’re experiencing hair loss, and most become desperate for hair loss solutions. If you’re considering a hair transplant but just aren’t sure yet, here’s a few great hairstyle’s you can try to achieve with a little help from your barber. We’ll be sure to share more in the future, so don’t worry if you can’t find any that suit your hair type here.

Short-Combover-with-Temple-Fade-img Short Combover with Temple Fade

The combover is the easiest style to achieve among haircuts for balding men. It is also versatile enough to come in a wide range of styles and lengths. Here is an illustration of how to style a shorter look. The sides are faded, while the top part is shorn for a clean look, then swept over to one side. This fills out the receding hairline, while the facial hair complements the look by balancing the cut.

Messy Side Trim

Messy-Side-Trim-img So, what do you do when you’re going bald and gray at the same time? How do you maintain a youthful, trendy look? You can try this style, where the graying sides have been trimmed short, with the sideburns blending into a hip facial hair pattern. The transformation is amazing – we see that the cut adds structure and thickness to the man’s hairstyle.

Messy Side Part

Messy-Side-Part-img Looking for balding men`s hairstyles that will help you to preserve a youthful vibe, even when you’re past your prime? Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics here: in the first one, the model could easily be someone’s grandpa, whereas in the second one, he looks like your cool, bohemian literature teacher, who you want to hang out for coffee with. His style is simple: a medium length cut with a deep side part, complemented by tapered sideburns, and the frontal section of the hair is swept up and away from the face.

Faded Up Sweep

Faded-Up-Sweep-img Need balding haircuts that work for guys aged 50 and over? Try this one. The hair is shorn short on the sides and groomed into a low fade. Meanwhile, the top central part is longer and echoes a grown-out crew cut. The model’s salt and pepper haircolor is beautifully showcased with this minimalistic ‘do, that is actually very easy to maintain.

Short Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Short-Mohawk-With-Shaved-Sides-img Got a square face? Then you can draw focus to your jaw, away from your thinning hair, by playing up the facial hair. This guy chose a trimmed beard, complemented by shaved sides with a demure short mohawk at the top.

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Doing Your Homework

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