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Female Teenager With Thinning Hair


Question: “I am a 17 years old female. I used to have very thick, long, black hair. It started thinning i can’t say exactly when or why.  Am I not eating enough vitamins? Is it because I dyed my hair? I also blow dry and straighten my hair. Is that bad for my hair? I really want my long thick hair back. Will it grow back?

Answer: “You should have a proper examination of your scalp performed. You need to have your overall health checked out, looking for a variety of hormonal issues and diseases that can cause hair loss. If you do not have miniaturization or other causes of hair loss and hair thinning, then you may be experiencing the change into a new adult hair type. Some people, maturing from teens to adults, experience a change their hair character. Phone my office for a consultation or find a good doctor who you can trust to help you out. Good Luck, Dr Robert Jones.”