Pregnancy and Stress Hair Loss

Question: Ì am five months pregnant and just noticed that I have a bald spot developing on teh back of my head. My hair is thick so it`s quite noticable. I`m not sure how long it has been going on and if it is related to my pregnancy…I know it can be related to stress, … Read more

Propecia for young adults

Question: Does a young person taking propecia risk having their growth stunted? Answer: Propecia is not usually prescribed to teenagers, if that is the age you are asking about. The effects of Propecia (finasteride) on teens is not totally clear, but it is not recomended to those still growing. Propecia intyerferes with the testosterone conversion into … Read more

Applying Minoxidil

Question: What is the best way to apply minoxidil, I`ve been told several different things, for instance that rubbing it into the scalp may not be as effective as using a dropper to apply it. And does minoxidil actually work?` Answer: THe minoxidil could absorb into your hand, but I wouldn`t worry too much, perhaps … Read more