Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 2461 Graft FUE

This is a 38-year old male with progressive, androgenetic hair loss starting at about age 18. He was on finasteride for about 10 years when it first started but stopped at about age 28 because he just felt that he didn’t want to be on oral medication anymore. Unfortunately, though, once he stopped the finasteride, his hair started falling out.

More recently he’d started daily minoxidil which was working well to prevent any more hair loss, but as expected, it didn’t do anything to regrow the deepening recessions on both sides of his hairline. He was seeking restoration with surgery. You can really see those recessions once we shaved his head just prior to getting started. At the same time, he wanted a little more density behind his hairline in the frontal scalp, as well as a few grafts scattered over the crown, just to add a slight bit of density there.

He had a 2461 graft FUE, with most of the grafts allotted to filling those recessions on either side of his hairline. We also added a few through the remainder of the frontal scalp and just a small amount in the crown.

He’s had a great result! The recessions are restored and his hairline looks really natural! He’s still using his daily minoxidil to prevent ongoing hair loss and this is the kind of restoration that will age with him really naturally for decades to come. Even though we extracted more than 2400 grafts, we’ve done it in such a way that his donor area still looks really full. You’d really never be able to tell that this patient had a hair transplant!