Which Hair Loss Products Are Supported By Science?

If you’ve ever gone searching for hair loss products than you know it can be overwhelming. There are a variety of pills, procedures, hats, and treatments. And all of their advertisers claim they work, but do they? What hair loss products have the support of the hair loss community? The truth is that to be … Read more

Is there any oil product in Leicester which regrows hair?

QUESTION: Hi I am facing hair falling problem. Is there is any oil product in Leicester (UK) which regrows hair? ANSWER: The only 2 medical ingredients fda approved to combat hair loss are propecia and minoxidil. You will find different products that include these ingredients.  My products are available for order through my website and I … Read more

What medication exists to help fight hair loss?

QUESTION: sir i have suffering from hair loss problems since 5 year..i have lost my 20% hair from front side.. is there any medicine for it .my hair is also thin.. give me one suggesition for it… ANSWER: Hello, and thanks for sending in our question. There are 2 medications approved for hair loss, finasteride … Read more