CBD and Your Hair

CBD and Your Hair Have you been running out of options when trying new things to improve the health of your hair? There’s nothing quite like a day where you feel like your hair’s looking full, falling exactly where you want it to, and feeling smooth and healthy. The secret to having more great hair … Read more

Protect Your Bald Head From Sun Damage

Now that summer has finally hit the western hemisphere, it’s time for some fun in the sun! Barbecues at your buddy’s place, days at the beach and lounging on your relative’s boat with a cold one aren’t without their dangers though. Having a full head of hair can help protect your head from the sun’s … Read more

Hair Loss and Nutrition

Why do we make healthy choices? Is it that two scoops of double fudge chocolate ice cream doesn’t hold up to a simmering pot of steamed broccoli? Definitely not. We choose to consume healthy foods for an abundance of reasons. We want to feel our best, we want to look our best, we want to … Read more

Marijuana & Hair Loss

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there has been a lot of discussion on the medicinal benefits and harmful effects of marijuana. When it comes to the general population of its users, this widely popular plant is used for a variety of reasons (and in a variety of forms) for medicinal purposes as well … Read more

Hair Loss, Gray Hair, and Heart Disease

According to a new study, there could be a link between coronary artery disease and premature graying and hair loss. Believed to affect young men, the information was presented at the 69th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India on December 03, 2017. The researchers suggest that both baldness and greying hair are stronger … Read more

How Can You Care For Your Hair Follicles

All of your hair follicle’s are tiny structure’s made of cells and connective tissue that surrounds the root of a hair. It exists within the dermis and the epidermis, the two top layers of the skin. Your hair sits within the follicle, and although the principle is pretty straight forward its functions are quite complex. … Read more

Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones

Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones Last week Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan shared his hair transplant results with Dr. Robert Jones by tweeting us this photo: Less than a year ago Aaron had over 3500 grafts done by Dr. Robert Jones, and his results are absolutely amazing! … Read more

Can Excessive Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

Our bodies were meant to move — they actually crave exercise. Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. It can improve your appearance and delay the aging process. But can too much exercise cause hair loss? Exercise … Read more