Choosing Hair Products to Prevent Breakage

Do you have frayed hair and split ends? Have you ever looked at your hair and wondered, “what happened?” If your hair has become dry and brittle, the shaft can break much easier, making your hair appear damaged and thin. You may be able to help yourself out by using products that are good for … Read more

Hair Loss, Gray Hair, and Heart Disease

According to a new study, there could be a link between coronary artery disease and premature graying and hair loss. Believed to affect young men, the information was presented at the 69th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India on December 03, 2017. The researchers suggest that both baldness and greying hair are stronger … Read more

Hair Loss “Solutions” That Didnt Work

We’ve all seen DIY hair masks online that seem pretty crazy – they say they can stop hair loss, give you thicker locks, or clear up a dry scalp. Most of these “solutions” have ingredients we wouldn’t normally think could help us, let alone belong in our hair. Shaloo Tiwari, a writer on “The Health … Read more

Can Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies and adds length to our lives, but what about excessive exercise? Is it healthy? The truth is that those “killer” workouts may cause hair loss. What Causes Hair Loss? Excessive exercise places enormous energy demands on the body which may result in hair loss. When … Read more

Whats Your Scalp Saying?

Your Scalp & Your Health When you have a headache it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Maybe you need to eat, maybe you’re lacking vitamins, or maybe you’re a little dehydrated – all of these things cause headaches. You can take an Advil and feel a little better, but why … Read more

How Does Minoxidil Work?

Minoxidil is a topical ointment used to treat/slow hair loss and aid in potential new hair growth. Over the counter, it comes in 2 strengths: 2% and 5%. Both strengths are applied to a dry scalp twice a day. Some doctors carry higher strengths available by prescription only, which are usually applied once a day. … Read more

What Is DigniCap?

The Mount Sinai Health System (New York) has announced the launch of the DigniCap, which is a scalp cooling system. It has recently been cleared by the FDA to reduce the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced hair loss in women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The DigniCap is now available in 3 of its cancer center location. … Read more

How to Care For Your Scalp

There’s nothing worse than a dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Those little hair snowflakes that fall onto your shoulders can be embarrassing, the persistent itch can uncomfortable, and the dryness, at times, might even be slightly painful. The main reasons your scalp might be in this condition can vary from general health conditions to eczema and … Read more