What is DHT and How Does it Affect Hair Loss?

Have you ever wondered why some people have naturally abundant bountiful locks and others are much less fortunate? Why do some men start losing their hair before they finish high school and why do others gracefully ease into their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s sporting the iconic Elvis Presley waves? There is an explanation, and unfortunately, … Read more

CBD and Your Hair

CBD and Your Hair Have you been running out of options when trying new things to improve the health of your hair? There’s nothing quite like a day where you feel like your hair’s looking full, falling exactly where you want it to, and feeling smooth and healthy. The secret to having more great hair … Read more

Hair Transplants Simplified

Are you or someone you know considering getting hair transplant surgery? If so, you might be wondering exactly how the procedure is carried out or what the timeline looks like for recovery. You also might be curious to know how long it will take before you can finally show off your new, more youthful appearance! … Read more

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant

If you are currently suffering from hair loss then the chances are you’ve thought about getting a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is one of those areas where myths and half-truths still exist even today. Because of this, some people are put off by the thought of getting a hair transplant. However the truth is that … Read more

Why Are Hair Transplants so Expensive?

If you’ve ever looked into getting a hair transplant then you’ll know that they certainly don’t come cheap. In fact, some people hold the belief that hair transplants are only for celebrities and the wealthy. This certainly isn’t true; in fact regular people make up the majority of those that get hair transplants. If you’ve … Read more

Hair Transplants Outside of North America

Many men and women consider having hair restoration procedures. In fact, you might be wondering what the difference is between hair transplants here in North America and those overseas. To go outside of your country for a hair transplant will cost you extra time and effort. India, Turkey, the Middle East, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, … Read more

Receding hairline vs thinning at the crown – which is worse?

Whilst the hair loss community tends to be a supportive environment for new hair loss sufferers, there is a debate over which type of hair loss is worse – a receding hair line or thinning at the crown. Of course these aren’t the only types of hair loss but for the purposes of this article, … Read more